P O W E R M A T H    R U L E S

  • To ensure the productivity of our classes as well as to show respect to our teachers, parents must not reschedule their child(ren)'s class times within a session from week to week. Parents should stick to their child(ren)'s registered class times. Only in times of emergency or special need can you request attending a class at an alternate time or a make-up class if your child has to be absent.
  • Parents are not allowed to stay inside the classroom while class is in session. This helps the children to better concentrate on the work and learning at hand. If you are concerned by any class material or you have any questions, please do approach the teacher after the class, and the teacher will be happy to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.

Absence Policy - Missed Classes/Make-Up Classes

Students who need to miss class for any reason (i.e. vacations, school activities) must notify their teachers ahead of time and can arrange for a make-up class at the teachers' convenience. Parents may not bring their child(ren) in to make-up a class without first obtaining the teachers' permission. Teachers prepare a limited number of materials for each class and students who just pop in cannot be accounted for. Please have the courtesy to make prior arrangements with your child(ren)'s instructor.