Levels of Achievement

There are essentially twenty levels in the world of abacus and mental arithmetic. And they are different. Abacus levels are a little more difficult because you use the physical instrument of the abacus for calculation, whereas in mental arithmetic, as the name implies, itís all in your head.

The progression of levels is unique in that the Beginners start at Level 10. The more advanced you become, the lower the number. Level 10, 9, 8, 7.... to 1. Those are the "Grade Levels."

After the "Grade Levels," students enter the "Advanced Levels," which proceed back upwards with the simplest Advanced Level being Advanced Level 1, and the most difficult (and the very highest level of certified achievement) is Advanced Level 10.

In order of progression, beginner to most advanced:

Grade Levels ("GL"): GL 10, GL 9, GL 8, GL 7, GL 6, GL 5, GL 4, GL 3, GL 2, GL 1

after which you make the jump to

Advanced Levels ("AL"): AL 1, AL 2, AL 3, AL 4, AL 5, AL 6, AL 7, AL 8, AL 9, AL 10