A B O U T   P O W E R M A T H

The PowerMath Center was established to teach and impart basic skills necessary for meaningful learning experiences later in life with a personal touch. We seek to systematically and progressively teach and enable each child to acquire happily the basic skills that make up the total education of the person: reading, writing, counting, listening, imitating, participating, appreciating, observing, reasoning, memorizing, conceptualizing and other necessary skills.

In this technological era, the computer seems to have replaced the human brain in calculation. Actually, there is an almost unlimited treasure in the human brain that remains untapped. Mental arithmetic is the best form of education that can help your children tap the unexplored treasures in their brain. It can develop your children's arithmetical capability in leaps and bounds. In oriental countries, much importance has been placed on mental arithmetic by educators and parents alike. Countless students have enrolled in mental arithmetic courses and have learned to use the Chinese abacus in a new way.

The PowerMath Training Program is similar to the programs provided by two major mental arithmetic and abacus institutes of the world, the Chinese Association for Mental Arithmetic and Chinese Abacus Research Academy. The center is still working with other research groups worldwide to improve the program. Through our program your children will be trained to be smarter students than they are now. Our simple but successful step by step guidance and motivational teaching methods will effectively activate your children?s mental power of the brain and will thus develop their hidden mental prowess. Children will also develop more concentration powers to help them in other school subjects.

Our teaching methods are proactive and the learning environment is a fun and enjoyable one.

PowerMath was founded in San Jose, CA in 1994 and moved to Milpitas, CA in 1999.